Little Liu Chiu


       Little Liu Chiu is Taiwan's only zero cay insular, which locates at the southwest of the Kao Ping Stream in Southern Taiwan. Start from Tung Port of Ping Tung, you can reach the place traveling eight sea miles by ship. Little Liu Chiu's earliest in the historic record is chasing back to the ancient time that the Dutch called this place "Golden lion island". For the Chinese clan it was about a man, Lee Yueh Lao, from Tung An Town of Fuchou saw the island like the small ball on the sea in 1755 (The Ching Year of 20th). He called it Little Liu Chiu. And the name is been used till now. The main purpose to Little Liu Chiu is to see the seabed world. Because it is belonging to the clay insular, the bottom of the island contains many kinds of tropical fishes. They are colorful. Paisha Bay is a best place for diving. The white sand beach is the optimum place for floating. Because the affection of the landform that is not suitable for agriculture procreation, 80 percent of the job is catching fish. The fishermen in Taiwan have great belief in Ma Buddha. But the fishermen here have the great belief in Chen Chin Goddess, the Wu Fu God, and the Kuan Buddha of Bi Yun Cloister. The people in the island have great belief in Kuan Buddha, no matter marriage or praying for hopes, people will come to Buddha to ask for directions. It has become the prayer center of the people.

      Vase Stone (rock) is the sign of Little Liu Chiu. The head of the rock is big and the neck is thin. The rock is about nine meters high. The most funny part is that the flowers grown on the head of the rock which has no soil on it. (Reference: Tourism Bureau, R.O.C.)

Source: Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Transportation & Communications, R.O.C.